Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crocheting Hats

Hello peeps I have been busy crocheting again found these cute patterns over at The Velvet Acorn the first one is  Zoie Slouchy she has some darling patterns for sale.

 This is my granddaughter Brittany modeling her hat  isn't she beautiful
Side view showing the big buttons

The next one is Feyona cap and  my daughter modeling this one I made one alteration with this one it called for ties with pom-poms but daughter did not want them.
 The yarn I used on this hat is called Loops and Thread Cozy Wool yarn I purchased at Michael's
And here is a shot of the back with a big old pom pom.

Now one last picture remember when I was making the cocoons and hats for Miss Olivia well here she is modeling her outfit.
Well that is it for me this evening it is snowing here I love the snow we have had heavy rains for 4 days so the snow is a nice change.



cebelica said...

All these are fab, but I especially love the pink hat. I think I REALLY need to learn to crochet, because I want ont too. lol I think you are super talented! Hugs! xx

Debbie said...

These are great!! Someday I'll learn to crochet!!
Your Olivia is such a cutie!!

Terry said...

All of your models and hats are adorable, but Miss Olivia is the show stopper - don't tell the other girls! Enjoy that snow and have a great weekend! Hugs!