Thursday, September 08, 2011

Jewelry Day with Granddaughter

Hi peeps today I spent my afternoon making earrings with my oldest granddaughter Brittany we had such fun with beads scattered all over the table, falling on the floor, and rummaging through all my containers.
So I thought I would share our projects with you.
This picture is all of Brittany's lovely creations she is so talented I just love to see her create I think my favorite piece is the earrings with the round circles.
Not much going on here I was only able to get 3 pair of earrings done and one pair I didn't have any silver ear wires for but it is kind of a new medium for me but looking forward to doing more.

And while i am here I have been taking classes in Paint Shop Pro and today I mailed in my last last in step one of the program and look what i received.

I had to do 25 lesson to achieve this so I am sort of proud of myself.



Unknown said...

Oh were a busy bee today - and some very pretty pieces of jewelry......

Anonymous said...

WOW sounds like a very fun day! Love all the stuff you gals made!

lisa808 said...

Sounds like you and Brittany had a fun day together.

Congrats on your certificate.

Shirley said...

How very pretty and what memories for your granddaughter to have!!