Friday, October 30, 2009

Here are my Rock 'n' Rollers

Today was the Halloween party at my grandchildren school so my daughter sent me picture before they left this morning and they are both so adorable had to share
First we have Hannah and if any of you are familiar with Abby on NCSI that is who she is suppose to be minus the black hair and dog collar

Click on all pictures for larger veiw

Now isn't she adorable

Here is my punker Lucien

Ozzie Osborne are you jealous.

Have one more announcement today the new cuttlebug folders are suppose to be released Nov 2 on HSN well I have some good news you can order them today here is the link


Allison Rankin said...

Ha it!

crzymom said...

They're so cute! Thank you for sharing the pics.

Maria Matter said...

Too Fun!!!
great photos Beth! :)
blessings, Maria

Beth Norman said...

Great costumes. I really like your granddaughter's t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

TEEHEE!! Too funny Beth!! HUGS

June Houck said...

Sweet little pumpkins! Thanks for sharing :)

Shirley said...

She is precious and he is just too too wonderful for words. What a mean looking punker! LOLOL