Friday, October 31, 2008

Have You Missed Me

Happy Halloween everyone I know I have been missing all week went to Georgia to visit my sister no internet connection have no crafts to share today just some photo's from my trip we were in Rome Ga and visited this interesting college it was called Berry College in Mount Berry Ga it consisted of 26,000 acres and was founded by Martha Berry in 1902 they had 2 campus's the main campus and the mountain campus where we spent most of our time

The above buildings were all one complex they were built by Henry Ford as a gift to Miss Berry the first picture is the Alumni Center next we have Ford Auditorium and lastly Ford Hall all of these buildings were constructed out of rock and slate the pictures really do not do them justice.
Next we are going to visit some of the Mountain Campus areas oh the deer we saw they were roaming all over both campus's unbelievable
Okay we have the Old Mill which was built in 1930
next we have another old antique standing in front of this huge pine my hubby said he had never seen such big pines
There was also a huge equestrian center here are some of the horses

this is the Frost Chapel that sat up on a hill another gorgeous building with lovely stained glass windows
one of the geese swimming around in one of the many ponds on the campus
Here are some more geese roaming around the campus and lastly we have a big buck

after we left the college we went to Miss Berry's home which was called Oak Hill beautiful gardens although there was very little in bloom this time of the year
and this last picture is of some gorgeous maples in all there fall glory


Cheryl said...

Wonderful photos Beth! What a gorgeous place. I need to convince hubby to take a trip there.

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Oh my gosh those are some AWESOME photos!