Saturday, June 21, 2008

What a Week

I am a member of Club Scrap and right now on there forum we have a summer camp going for 6 weeks will this week our group won the weeks competition on the number of layouts we did I myself got 28 pages done and am going to share some of them here the challenge was to use household items on your pages and I used lots of different things like pop cans catfood bags bamboo sticks drywall tape and the list goes on these are some vacation pictures of my husband and I.


Anonymous said...

Your scrapbooks are very nice.
Keep up the good work!!

Although i don't have much art talent myself but i do like looking at other artisan's pieces.

Dot said...

WOW! 28 pages! That's incredible! You have been busy! Love the idea of using household items!


Brooke - in Oregon said...

You are just amazing! It must feel wonderful to have all those layouts finished, what an accomplishment!

I am soooo proud of you for scrapping photos of YOU!! I keep saying I need to do this more, but no one else ever takes photos and I tend to forget to hand the camera off. lol I love the photos of you and Charlie :)