Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fall in the East

I have seen some lovely pictures of Fall from the west coast from my dear friends Brooke and Ann so I thought I would post some pictures from the East this morning here we go, these are taken from my property in Va. and the one with the pond is a picture of my daughters property she is buying.

This is a maple I took in the woods

Another Maple and Oak I think

This is a shot of my daughters property that is adjacent to ours love the view over there

This is a picture of my fringe tree in the front yard in the spring it gets long white fringe looking flowers on it so pretty

This is a shot across the road at my neighbors so this is the view I have from my living room

I thought I would throw in what little bit I have left from the summer my pot of petunia's and I forget what the other flower is called.


Brooke - in Oregon said...

LOVE the photos! Your view is just breathtaking, Did I know Lisa was moving in next to you guys? If I did I have forgotten. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! When are they moving and do they have to build a house 1st??

Diane said...

Your Fall foliage is much prettier than ours here in La. Might be because of our terrible drought back in the summer. Thanks for the beautiful pics. Hugz, diane

Cheryl said...

Great photos Beth! You have much more color there than what we do down here. Of course, we don't have near that many trees.

crzymom said...

Your trees are beautiful too Beth! Thank you for sharing. Glad Brooke and I could spur you on to share them. :)